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Q&A Retinol Facial Serum

Q&A Retinol Facial Serum

Expertly formulated with a low-irritation grade of Retinoid, this serum is designed to target fine lines, renew uneven skin tone, and leave skin feeling smooth with a radiant glow. Perfect for those new to Retinoids, this formula utilises the benefits of Bisabolol and Squalane to soothe the skin whilst delivering youth-boosting benefits.

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How do I use the Retinol facial Serum? Retinol should be gradually introduced into your regime to build up tolerance, starting with once or twice a week and building up to more frequent use. In the evening, prior to moisturising, apply one pump of product onto dry skin, avoiding the delicate area directly under the eyes. Massage into the skin and allow approximately 30 minutes for full absorption. Follow with a barrier-protecting cream, such as our Ceramide Face Cream.

Warnings: This product contains ingredients that can increase your skin’s risk of sunburn and UV exposure. Always apply an SPF the following morning after using this product. During initial use, you may experience skin peeling or shedding. If your skin feels uncomfortable, consider reducing or discontinuing use.

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