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Collection Lash Primer Mascara

Collection Lash Primer Mascara

Enriched with shea butter & Vitamin E, Collection’s Lash Primer is formulated to separate, condition and your prep lashes instantly.

The fluffy and tapered brush application is designed to separate and fan-out lashes. It’s your new easy-to-use essential, to be applied before your everyday mascara.  

Tip: Apply before Collection Big Drama Volumising Mascara for that 3D lash effect, Max Curve Curling Mascara for a wider eye, or Long Shot Lengthening Mascara to achieve long natural lashes.

How to apply:

Brush primer from root to tip, comb through each lash for best results. Use the tip of the brush applicator to help to reach smaller inner and outer lashes.  


  • Infused with shea butter & Vitamin E.
  • Sculpting & defining.
  • Caring ingredients.
  • Separates, conditions and preps lashes.
  • Vegan suitable
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